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Light at the end of the tunnel

Sunrise in Utsjoiki

Some confusion this morning in the Instant Kaamos office concerning the news carried by Selkouutiset of the end of the kaamos in Northern Finland. Apparently yesterday, the sun showed it’s face again in Utsjoki — Finland’s most northerly municipality —   for the first time in 51 days, bringing the period of polar night to an end.

There’s quite a difference within the parts of Finland that fall inside the Arctic Circle. In Rovaniemi, for example, sitting just about on the circle, it is only on the day of the winter solstice that the sun doesn’t rise.

But when I checked the Gaisma site, it seems that Utsjoki will today enjoy a day nearly an hour and a half long. This does not compute. Any suggestions or explanations, however implausible, will be warmly welcomed.

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as the nights get longer, the posts get shorter

I see that in the north of Finland, kaamos or  polar night has long begun. Philosophers please note, in Utsjoki the sun will not come up tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the day after that. In fact, no sun until mid-January.

Meanwhile, here in Helsinki, about 6 degrees below the Arctic Circle,  a miserable spell of mild, grey, drizzly weather has given way to exhillerating crisp, clear days. All the same, it is strange to get up in what feels like the middle of the night and look out onto the street to see people scurrying to their offices like disturbed house-mice. I do my best to get out during some of the precious hours of lightness.

But I have to admit I do have a predisposition for warm dark places. And with the innovative ways that Finns find to heat their homes, you can enjoy your overheated flat with a certain level of ecological impunity.