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Wanted: Finnish Heavy Metal Recommendations

H.I.M.It’s my nephew’s birthday next week — he’s either 13 or 14, I’m a bad uncle and I don’t remember exactly. I know he’s into heavy metal and I thought it would be cooooool to send him a CD from Finland. So although my claim to fame is that in 1975, when I was my nephew’s age, I saw AC/DC live (Wimbledon Theatre, supporting Marc Bolan, the ticket cost 10 pence), I know nothing about heavy rock.

I have heard of Finnish bands like H.I.M. and The Rasmus. I have no idea what they’re like. And anyway if I liked them, my nephew probably wouldn’t. Another option is the Glam Punk outfit Hanoi Rocks but they might seem rather oldie as far as he goes.

Suggestions welcome below. Recommendations of particular LP’s, sorry CD’s, would be really helpful.

(for anyone out there under 20, An LP is a “long playing disk”, a means of storing analogue data on vinyl.  Now The Clash, there was a band).