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(Not) The First Snow of Winter

Bicycle outside the K

Bicycle outside the K

It didn’t snow today. Apparently. I thought it did and sent an excited text to Mrs. K. But no, it’s only sleet or lumirantä. Which is unfortunately the way things are when the temperature hovers as it is doing around +2 C. As I set off on my bike to contemplate ultimate reality at the local Buddhist Centre, the bitter wind and icy dampness nearly drove me back into the cosy Maya of our flat.

But I’m glad I went and on the way home, enjoyed the shimmering droplets caught in the streetlamps. Glad too that I wasn’t the only person braving the weather on their bike. This charming specimen parked outside the newly revamped K-market on Albertinkatu where I stopped off and bought some apples on the way home. Finnish apples of course. The owner came back laden with shopping bags. I hope she didn’t fall off.