About Instant Kaamos

What’s it all about? It’s all about to get worse.

Welcome to instant kaamos. If you are wearing a coat or jacket, you must leave it at the cloakroom. That will be €1.80, pliis.

As an English Alien, occasionally living in Helsinki, this started as my attempt to make non/sense of this most fascinating and bewildering  of cities.  Since I’ve returned to London, I’ve widened my ambition slightly. I’m now trying to make sense of everything else.

They say the darkest hour is just before the dawn. Well, in Helsinki, in just keeps getting darker.

And darker.

Feel free to leave a comment (comments are moderated — I will not publish comments that are certain to cause embarrassment to their authors when they grow up.).

Oh, and sometime, it gets lighter again.

H-ki Night


4 responses to “About Instant Kaamos

  • Nic Price

    The other day, as the clocks were about to turn back and the evenings were drawing in I thought how useful it would be as a cycling commuter to have a feed of lighting-up times in my google calendar.

    Apparently street lights come on 30 minutes before sunset (at least I think that’s right).

    I guess the street lights went on a while ago where you are 🙂

  • instantkaamos

    It’s not too early yet. I went out around 4pm yesterday and didn’t need bike lights. However, since cars keep their lights on all the time, it’s hard to work out what the concept of lighting-up time would mean here.

  • OnTheRoadToSuccess

    I have a very strong opinion about Helsinki, and Finland in general. However, mindful of the fact that my opinion might change – probably in the next 10 to 20 years or more, I won’t post any comment that would embarrass me when I grow up. 🙂 Awesome blog, and great choice of words!!

    Permit me to add that I landed on this blog via MIGRANT TALES.

  • Instant Kaamos


    It’s always nice to hear from a satisfied customer. But do feel free to express your opinions, especially the strong ones. The only ones I don’t publish are ones that contain threatening language or express clearly racist and fascist views — there are plenty of other places on the web where such people can post!


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